In that moment

Softly closing my eyes, 

I breathe in your perfume, 

My heart skips a beat,

And I’m taken back to a different time,

One where we are quietly in love,

Whispering our affections,

knowing without a doubt,

The other’s love was very present,

No doubts of the next breath, 

Of a dying wish,

No fear of losing what was claimed as ours,

I went back to a time,

When you were mine,

And I was yours,

And in that moment I knew.

I knew without a doubt,

You were the one that I wanted,

The one I loved,

As I took another breath,

I went back again to yet another time,

And in the moment I realized,

I wasn’t going back,

I was going forward. 

And at that very moment,

I opened my eyes,

To yours. 

And in that moment,

The world was right. 

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